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Pictures Sent by Jasia

Aedrik   Caden   Celtar's Tat and someone grabbin him...   Geiddian and Katti   Giggs (Sorta)

  Giggs (Really sorta)   Group Shot   Jasia   Jasia and Reife   Jasia and Shawn   Jasia   Jaysunn (Sleeping)

Jaysunn (Always sleeping!)   Kaysan   Phadeous and Devros   Ranec   Simu-Rolton   Sootic  Sootic2

Sootic, Giggs, Jasia, and Kaysan   Taelrand   Thenjhar and Prestius (ahem)   Zelnar and Periam


Pictures Sent by Mnute

Note: Lot of Dunno's here, mostly plat people (shame on me), I didnt run through to look at who's who yet
but I will fix them in the morning or sometime tomorrow.  I would appreciate any email's though to help me out with names.
Thanks! - Jesh
(Thanks Hunterleigh, Taelrand, Elonka, and Delyorik!)

Atherion, Jasia, Allequerie, Splice, and Gnafelot   Asineth and Kabosh   Balooga   Balooga and Llearyn

Balooga and Tigermist   Barachado   Boomsplat, Shmerff, Xeldria, Decimate, Nephrenia, and Mithogras

Bradach   Carli and Annabella   Darcena and Celtar   DRDunno, Balooga, Jim/SysAdmin, Llearyn

Dunno, Drizzdt, Dunno, Dunno, Hunterleigh, Amersen, and Porcell  

Delyorik, Splice, Elbrion, Gnafelot, and Carli 

Dunno, Ozias, and Bradach   Dunno, Smite, and Warden   Floodhouse   Gazeroth, Setzier, Armaxis, and Celeri 

Heathyranne, Kelzar, Aaliyah, Cyr, Balooga, and Dunno   Hunterleigh and Porcell  HX-Group

Jasia, Zelnar, Kittiara, Jesh, DR, Devros (clockwise from Jasia (w/ shoes on table)

Jen the Posh Waitress   Jen2   Jen3   Jen4   Jen5   Jen6 (Hmmm...)  Landrion, Navlys, and Prestius

Julianne, Hunterleigh, Porcell, Smite, and Taelrand   Krakii and Mitra   Lissa, Dunryc and Eldreth

Llearyn   Lylonna and Gnafelot   Lylonna, Gnafelot, and Dunno   Marisol   Marisol and Fiance 

Mitra, Devros, Brauden, Shylore, Amite, Aeatherion, Dunno

Marisol, Skelen, and Elbrion    Mikare   Mikare and Shylore   Ozias  Ozias2

Phadeous and Tigermist   Porcell   Porcell, Drizzdt, Dunno, Xeldria and Decimate

Premium Group Meeting   Prestius doing the Sorc Salute

Quavvy, Neq, Stealth, Marisol, Brakian, Ryshan, Setzier (behind red) and Armaxis  Shylore   Shylore2

Smite   Smite2  Smite3   Smite4   Tigermist   Tigermist2   Tigermist3   Tigermist4  Tigermist5

Tigermist6   Tigermist and Balooga   Tigermist and Balooga2   Tigermist and Balooga3

Tigermist Dunkin' Mnute   Tigermist and Shylore   Tigermist doing the Sorc salute

(anybody have any pictures of Tigermist?)

Tilarium, Dunno, Dunno, Mikari, Damangherik, Krakii, Xeldria, and Dunno

Tolli and Gespry   Ylena, Lurch and Asineth   

Zenfina, Psionix, Lajala, Mnute, Lissa, Mattheiw, Alexhandro, Dunno and Sayori


Pictures Sent by Decimate

Allequerie   Angel   Balouga   Brauden   Brauden2   Celeri   Giantphang and Elbrion   Gnafelot   Hunterleigh

Khaladon   Krakii   Melissa/Llearyn   Mikare   Nephrenia and Giantphang   Phillus and Asineth (right?)   Psionix 

 Psionix, Prestius, Zenfinda, and Phantazmagoriia   Quavvy   Ryshan   Shiril and Darcena   Smite

Stealth and Shiril   Xeldria and Shiril   Yarx   Ylena


Pictures Sent by Phadeous

Carli   Carli and Annabella   Carli, Jaysunn, Tymbir, Gertilda, and Geiddian   Carli, Splice, and Psionix

Carli and Zelnar   Gertilda   Hithrand, Caden, and Juliane   Hunterleigh and Celtar   

Hunterleigh, Geiddian(?) and Splice   Hunterleigh and Kittiara   Juliane, Zelnar and Mithogras

Katti and Phadeous   Khakur and Katti   Kittiara and Katti   Kittiara and Zelnar   Lissa

Mithogras, Hunterleigh, Dunno, and Phadeous   Phadeous   Splice, Hithrand and Caden

Tigermist and Prestius   Tigermist and Prestius2   Zelnar, Juliane and Mithogras


Pictures Sent by Kelly

   Mimi, Meda and Elena   Mimi and Elena   Meda, Kelly and Mimi   Remi and Meda

Quavvy and Kelly   Dunryc, Kabosh, Prestius   Quavvy and Kelly   Dunryc   Dunryc and Kelly

Kelly and Remi   Quavvy and Kelly

Matt, Brannigan, Mimi, Shiva and Remi   Remi and Tim(?)

Quavvy and Kelly

Mirrored Pictures from Periam (Resized)

Alixana, Khakur and Dimarie   Caden   Caden, Hubris and Geiddian   Giggs and Kiffin (sorta)

Juliane, Zelnar, Phadeous, Dunno and Devros   

Jura, Jasia, Dunno, Devros, Jusstina, Jaysunn, Celtar, Alixana, and Beowoulffe

Jura, Kaysan, Annabella, Hithrand, Carli   Khaladon   Plat Seminar1  Plat Seminar2   Plat Seminar3

Serendepity, Kittiara, Celtar, Quavvy, Ranec, Zelnar, Sootic, Jasia and Dunno

Skylaa, Jaysunn, Sootic and Alixana   Smite, Phadeous and Hubris   Dunno, Gertilda, Kittiara and Jura


Pictures from Tandrill

Aetherion Dunno and Mnute   Aetherion and Mnute   Aetherion and Mnute2   Aetherion Shylore and Mnute

Amrisana   Amrisana, Dunno and Dunno   Marisol   Eldreth   Eldreth2   Gertilda   Mikare and Shylore

Navlys   Marisol   Llearyn/Melissa  012 (Dunno)

Ryshan   Ryshan2   Shylore   Shylore2   Shylore3   Ylena   Zelnar, Kittiara and Lissa(?)


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