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Here they are, the mother load of Simucon 2000 Pictures.  We currently have more then *550* pictures up!  It has taken a lot of time to get the names on these faces - I'd appreciate it if you don't download all the pictures and simply put them on your site.  If you have a site with pictures just set up a link to :)  On the other hand, if you want your site linked here, email me and I'll post it.  Finally, thanks to everyone who donated the pictures and helped me get the names right... I'm sure there's a bunch still wrong, and we have a lot of unknowns floating around.  If ya have any pictures you want posted, send em in!

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These pictures are for the most part UNMODFIED from the source.  I am not responsible for what is sent to me.
If you have a problem with a picture, I will remove it, but blame the person who sent it in!  I am simply providing the space
for people to send their pictures - Jesh


Pictures Donated by Psionix

Arwen   Avantos and Aayliah   Avantos and Aalyliah   Barachado Aintryg Devilslove and Darwar   Celtic   Duelstar Morgatha and Ecstasy 

  Dunryc and Karess   Faegil   Faegil Psionix Avantos Quiethorne and Celtic   Galyden and Commandant   Galyden Seckara and Bardon (Dave Whatley) 

 Giantphang and Smite   Gilwen and Rayyne   Brauden and Smite   Llearyn   Jadow and Synnera   Jemstra   Jubuls   Keric Jafirnn Nephrenia and Krylann 

 Ledeuc and Jadall  Mirken   Neq Angellisa and Sepip   Psionix Jadall Aayliah Avantos Quiethorne and Celtic   Quiethorne   Pain   Riend Karein and Valiria

   Shiril   Shiril Mystalia Decimate Aldavius Alex and Jolivette   Sorchia   Xeldria   Ylena and SimuNova

Pictures Donated by Sassee

Amadeus   Bigby snoozing   Bloodsnake Cntrill Eldreath and  Llore   Buncha Plat People   Llore and Barachado   Llore Boodsnake and Baalor   Neq   Psionix 

 Quavvy   Sassee and Skeleton giant   Summnir and Ecstasy   Teegra   Ylena and Amadeus   Ylena Lurch Tigermist and Dunryc

Pictures Donated by Jadall

Commandant And Psionix   Group Shot   Group Shot 2   Shaylin and Bloodsnake   Smite and Celtic

Pictures Donated by Cntrille

Aldrek (Sorta) Side of Jeshs Head behind Lurch and Lurch!   Arwen   Someone hiding from the camera (Devros) and Avantos   Barachado Darwar Shaylin

Barshot1   Barshot2   Barshot3   Barshot4   Barshot5   Barshot6  Barshot7   Barshot8   Cntrille  Don't Think he Played?    DR Person

Duelstar and others   Sanggios and Bloodsnake   Dunno Jolivette Talairi Ophion and Llearyn   Keric Talairi Dunryc   Karamozov and Sorchia   

Korlos Summir Jasia Jehlena and Jadow   Gnafalot   Gnafalot and Shiril?   Grobinal and Dunno   Gnafalot Dunno and Jolivette   Grobinal   Jadow and Jasia   Jadow and Shaylin  

Jolivette and Sorchia   Jura   Llore Psionix and Bloodsnake    Lycanthus    Mirken Summir Sassee and Psionix   Morgatha and Dunryc  

  Nephrenia Duelstar and Randeis   Nephrenia Randeis  and Duelstar who got scooted over from the last pic!   Neq  Neq and Llore 

  Neq Llore Bloodsnake and Baalor   Ophion   Pain   Pain and Dunno   Psionix and Shaylin   Quavvy and Kresyda   Randeis   Sanggios and Sorchia 

Sassee   Sassee an arm and Neq   Shaylin   Shaylin1   Shaylin and Cntrille   Shaylin Cntrille Bloodsnake and Darqwolf   Scheller and Randeis   Sorchia 

Summir   Talairi and Dunryc    Tattoo Man Smite   Teegra Galyden and Salandrin   Tom Zelinski   Trystann Jura Hithrand

Wedding1   Wedding2   Wedding3   Wedding4   Wedding5   Wedding6  Ylena and Lurch

--- New June 22nd Batch ---

Allequerie and Lurch   Amadeus   Gromial slightly toasted   Korlos and Clark    Nephrinia Galyden Krylan and Jaffrin 

Summir Jasia Jehlena Jadow Pain   Sorchia Gnafalot  Selandrin Zyanna Karamozov   Selandrin   Scheller

Barshot9   Dunno Morgatha and Llore   Mersteel and Ophion   Neq's Tat   Ophion Part of Tigermist Part of Sepip and Krash   Rhett and Sassee

Rubyjoy and Giggs   Devros   Sepip   Darqwolf and Sadre   Maelani and Baalor   Mirken

Darchile and Jaynae   Cyiera and Jaynae2   Gilwen Thassalante and Ciston   

Dunno and Grobinal   Korlos Summir Darchile   Mirken Darcena Selandrin

--------- End of 22nd Batch ------------

---- 23rd Batch of Cntrilles Pictures ----

Bayn   Darqwolf   Darqwolf and Terynnaa   Dunno and Gilwen   Grolliar and Dunno   Kerinth   Khazmodon

   Maelani   Michaelangelo   Ryllina (White Shirt)   Sepip Krash Gromial and Krash's Wife   Shiril and Decimate  

Terynnaa and Dunno

--- end 23rd new batch ----

Pictures Donated by Quavvy and Kresyda

Aldrek   Aldrek...kinda.   Keeping the Beer Cold   Bigby Galyden Karein and Seckara   Bigby Jesh and Smite  

Bigby Smite and Jesh   Commandant Quavvy and Karess   Darwar   Darwar Bigby Aldrek Trystann and Giggs (Classic)  Darwar and Dunryc 

 Darwar Jesh and Smite  Grobinal  Riend and Jubuls   Grobinal and Dunryc  Grobinal and Dunryc2   Felrick (hat) and Quavvy  

Giggs  Giggs and Jesh   Group Shot   Jesh   Jesh and Kresyda  Jesh and Kresyda2   Jesh and the Ice Sculpture  Karess and Jesh

Karess Jesh and Kresyda   Kimli Jesh Dunryc Kresyda   Kresyda   Kresyda and Quavvy  Kresyda and Quavvy2

Quavvy1   Quavvy2   Quavvy3   Quavvy Grolliar and Jesh   Quavvy Kresyda Jesh Xiri and Darwar  Quavvy Mirken and Aldrek

Randeis and Quavvy   Scheller and Kresyda   Shaylin and Giggs   SimuNova (Elonka) and Quavvy 

The Bed   Trystann   Trystann2   Xiri Bigby Jesh and Prestius

Pictures Donated by Mirken

Amadeus   Amadeus and Ylena   Amadeus and Sassee   Avantos and Aayliah   Bedroom   Bloodsnake   Bloodsnake and Karamozov

Bloodsnake Mirken and Shaylin   "Cats" is in town   Ciston and Sorchia   Commandant and Karess   Darwar  Darwar2   Duelstar

Baalor Bloodsnake and Psionix   Angellisa Duelstar and Sassee   Navlys and Mirken   Xeldria and Mirken   Dunryc   Dunryc2

Galyden Teegra Neq and Llore   Galyden and Summir   Garfield   Grobinal   Grobinal and Pain

Groupshot  Groupshot1   Groupshot2   Groupshot3   Groupshot4   Groupshot5   Groupshot6

Hithrand   Ice Thingy   Jadow   Jesh   Karess   Karess and Commandant   Krash   Krylan

Sepip Tigermist and Ophion "You're coming with US!"   Light Guy   Llearyn  Llore  Llore Bloodsnake and Baalor

Llore and Navlys   Llore and Navlys (I knew that!)   Mirken   Mirken with Hubris in Costume  Mirken and Tigermist   Mirken and Tigermist2

  Ophion   Ophion2   Pain   Pain2   Pain3   Psionix   Psionix2   Quavvy   Rallymir and Mirken   Randeis   Randeis2

   Randeis and Jadow   Ryllina  Rubyjoy and Giggs   Rubyjoy Jesh Nephrenia and Giggs   Rubyjoy Pain and Summir   Sassee Eldreth and Llore

   Seckara   Seckara and Eldreth   Shaylin   Shaylin2   SimuKilt   Smite   Summir and Pain   Tigermist   Von

Wedding1   Wedding2   Wedding3   Wedding4   Wedding5   Wedding6   Wedding7

--- Batch Two of Mirkens Pictures ---

Allyria   Allyria and Dunno   Askip   Bloodsnake   Cassioppia   Darcena   Darcena2   Dave Whatley and uhm Juliette   Dave W. and Mirken

Devilslove   Dilagh Llore and Mollye  Khaydra and Kraelyst   Mersteel Krakii Faegil and Allequerie   Ecstasy Bloodsnake Shaylin and Neq  

Elonka (SimuNova) and Dunyrc   Gnafalot and Darcena   Howlinbear and Karein   Imraith and Blacksabre  Jadall and Quiethorne

   Kimli and Hithrand   Krylan  Malok   Manodith and Ylena   Mersteel and Keric   Mikos   Mikos and Wife Jan, Daughter Tia and Son Mikos  

Mirken and Elonka (SimuNova)    Mollye   Morgatha   Navlys   Navlys Barachado Aeatherion and Sorchia   Porcell   Quiethorne  Sadrae and Doomkin  

Quiethorne and Morgatha   Sadrae and Quiethorne   Jicad   Jicad and Summir   Thorin   Thorin and Allyria   Wadsworth Mirken and I dunno!  

  Waldern   Xeldria   Jafirnn Nephrenia Galyden Brauden and Krylan

Classic Dunryc Shot... heh

--- End Batch Two ---

Pictures Donated by Ylena

Darcena    Lurch and Ylena / Togas   Psionix   Tigermist   Tigermist and Mnute  Wedding picture

Ylena and Amadeus   Ylena and Lurch 

Pictures Donated by Navlys

Aeatherion and Mikare   Aeatherion and Navlys   Barachado Mirken and Aeatherion   Barachado Navlys and Llore  Eldreth

Groupshot  Khaydra   Llore and Aeatherion   Llore and Navlys   A Lost Mirken   Mirken and Navlys   Mnute and Two   Mnute Sanngios and Mikare

Navlys and Mirken   Ryllina   Ryllina2   Sanngios and Mnute   Wedding1   Wedding2  Wedding3

Pictures Donated by Talindara

Azuria Tamasin Zethan and Talindara   Darqwolf and Zethan   Darwar Tamasin in Costume   Barshot   Talindara and Odie

Tali Tamain Zethan and Azuria   Tamasin Part of Zethan Maeglyn and Azuria  Zethan  Zethan and Dunryc  Zethan Tamasin Maeglyn and Azuria

Pictures Donated by Grobinal

Aayliah   Avantos   Barachado   Barbie   Bloodsnake Psionix and Cntrille   Celtic and Avantos   Celtic Priest   Cntrille   Cntrille3   Commandant and Karess

Darwar and Jehlena   David Whatley and Pain  Grobinal and Celtic   Grobinal and Gromial   Imraith   Jadall   Jadall and Ledeuc   

Kimli Jadow and Rubyjoy  Kimli and Mirken   Kresyda   Lochraven   Mhorigan   Micha and Sadrae   Pain   Pain and Aldrek  Prestius

Quavvy  Quiethorne   Quiethrorne and Teegra   Sorchia   Talairi and Tehara   Zusanne and Dainar

Pictures Donated by Saphyne

Agenais(?)   Celtic   Costumes1   Costumes2   Costumes3   Coven Group   Lochraven and Dunryc   Eric   Khazmodan and Saphyne  Saphyne

   Saphyne2   Saphyne and Robert Trebor   Seckara and Rat!   Shylore and Husband   Siara Des(?) and Saphyne   Ylena  Ylena and Saphyne

Pictures Donated by People Above, just mixed them up by accident...

Bryan (Real name)   Dainar and Imraith   Darchile   Dunno1   Sanggios and Krakii   Mikos' Wife and Mirken

Dunno Selandrin and Jaffirn   Ganfelot   Howlinbear and Karein   P6170238 (Dunno)   235Dunno   288Dunno   311Dunno

Siophar   Thorin Damangherik and Allyria   Wadsworth Thornd and Dunno  Gromial and Goggles

Pictures Donated by Shaylin

Avatos and Aalyiah   Bloodsnake   Bloodsnake and Dunryc   Bloodsnake Shaylin and Grobinal   Brigit Shaylin Rhett   Buncha People

Celtic and Bloodsnake   Hubris in costume Caitlin and Wadsworth   Dunryc   Ecstasy Amadeus Bloodsnake Terynnaa and Cntrille   Grobinal and Ophion

Jadall   Jesh "You're going to do what with that thing?"   Jesh Bigby and Shaylin Jesh and Shaylin   Kresyda Quavvy and Felrick   Lochraven and Karess

Nephrenia Jubuls Shaylin and Mnute   Ophion   Psionix   Quavvy   Quavvy again! howl!   Randeis   Robert Trebor and Pain

Some guy on the way home from SimuCon 2000   Shaylin and Pain   Edgeleaf   Xiri Bigby Jesh Prestius  

Pictures Donated by Karess

Aldrek   Aldrek and Impersonators   Amadeus Bloodsnake Ecstasy Aldrek Shaylin Dunno and Cntrille   Avantos   Avantos and Aayliah  

Danielle Buni and Darwar   Celtic and Avantos   Grobinal and Dunryc (kinda)   Grobinal and Dunryc2   Jadall and Quiethorne   Shots!   

Kresyda and Quavvy taking a break    Psionix and Aayliah   Quavvy and Karess

Randeis   Summir   Wasworth and Commandant  Wedding1   Wedding2   Wedding Cake

Pictures Donated by Leduec
Note: Coloring may be off in some of these pictures, fixed some up but in a hurry...

Caitlin and Volfe   Ecstasy and Cntrille   Hithrand   It's Whats For Dinner (Gotta love the expression on that girls face)   Jadall and Leduec

Jadall and Leduec2   Jadall and Leduec3   Leduec and Allequerie   Leduec and Caitlin   Leduec and Caitlin2   Leduec and Caitlin3

Leduec and Ethia  Leduec and Ethia2   Psionix and Jadall   Guarding the Beer   Quiethorne Jadall Morgatha and Avantos   Shaylin and Bloodsnake

Teegra Nephenia and Smite   Teegra Nephrena and Shaylin

Pictures Donated by Scheller

Aldrek and Pain   Anathema Giggs "Im da man" and Ook   Brigit Trystann Bigs da pimp and Rhett   Dunno Dunno and Amadeus   Galyden Llearyn and Draug

Group Shot   Hithrand  

 Jesh "here, have another"   Jesh and Trystann

More Aldrek Impersonators   Ook   Ook Jura and Bigby "gimmie some love!"   Pain (...)   Ramah Brigit and Darcena   Sanggios 

   Scheller and Lynda/Julie    Scheller Lynda/Julie and Siophar (Before)    Scheller Lynda/Julie and Siophar (After!) 

Siophar Amadeus Brigit and Lynda/Julie  Aldreks Following   Xiri "I will not!" and Pimpby...

Pictures Donated by Ryllina

Anathema Pain and Llearyn   Cassioppia Shylore Sanggios and Siara   Coven Group Pic   Dunno Krakii Truekillr Dunno   Dunno and Sorchia

Giantphang   Jubuls   Krakii and Jeeves/Hubris/SoOnandSoOn   Michaellangello  DR Thorin and Ook   Mnute Michaellangello

Neq and Porcell   Ophion and Aldrek   Prestius Jubuls and Nephrenia   Buncha Teefs   Ryllina Karein and Riend   Ryllina Sepip Porcell and Dunno

Settlers   Tilarium   Tilarium2   Tilarium and Sanngios   Truekillr Michaellangello and Darcena

Pictures Donated by Azuria

Azuria Maeglyn and Talindara   Azuria Talindara and Tamasin   Azuria Talindara and Zethan   Azuria Tamasin Zethan and Talindara

 Dunno Tamasin and Eldreth   Zethan Azuria and Tamasin

Pictures Donated by Shaylha

Karess and Commandant   Group Shot   Group Shot2

Pictures Donated by Volfe

Dunno and Dunno   Dunno Shaylin and Bloodsnake   Elthia   Elthia Aalyiah and Avantos   Lil Fairy   Groupshot  Groupshot2  Groupshot3 (Sorry to lazy to name names!)

Jadall Leduec and Dunno   Leduec and Jadall  Dunno Dunno and Duelstar   Groupshot(8)   Psionix   Ryllina   Sleepy Fairy   Teegra   Wadsworth   Wedding1  Wedding2

More Pictures Donated by Saphyne

Cassioppia   Cassioppia and Saphyne   Coven Group   Eldreth  Groupshot  More Groupshot   Nofret Savcia and Tilarium  Smite   People

Saphyne and Savcia   Siara Cassioppia and Saphyne   Siara's Locks   Dunno   Solomon and Saphyne   Wedding   Wedding2   Wedding3

Wedding4   Ylena

Pictures Donated by Dunryc

Bloodsnake   Celtic   Dunryc   Galyden and Seckara  Grobinal and Haymish   Grobinal and Ophion   Haymish Kilt   Jadow and Tigermist

Jehlena   Korlos Randeis Jadow and Mirken   Kresyda Felrick and Quavvy   Lochraven   Maelani Synnera and Cntrille   Magic Players

Nephrenia Barachados and Randeis   Psionix and Summir   Saphyne   Seckara   Sorchia and Zethan   Synnera and Dunryc   Teegra   Tahara

Tejita  Ylena  Ylena and Hubris

Pictures Donated by Angellisa

Aldavis   Angellisa and Darwar   Anaamari   Annorax   Askip   Darwar   Darwar and Korlos   Decimate   Edgeleaf and Giantphang

Edgleleaf Manodith Ciston and Aldrek   Eldreth   Eldreth2   Faegil and Sepip   Gnafelot and Neq   Golliath   Grobinal and Haymish

Hubris (Skeleton)   Khepra Nephrenia and Blixx   Manodith and Golliath   Michaellangello and Golliath   Neq Faegil and Dunno

Psionix and Angellisa   Quiethorne   Quiethorne Neq and Xeldria   Salmonius (Rob. Trebor) and Angellisa   Shylore (Sitting)

Truekillr   Zethan



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